Fall Break at Disneyland

Monday, October 15, 2012
The boys had their fall break from school last week so we took them to Disneyland for a few days. We waited until they were a little older so it was the first time for both of them. The experience couldn't have been any better for us. The boys totally rocked it - they were agreeable, patient, excited, happy, etc. They were back to their normal selves when we got home. ;)

We did have a few minor mishaps along the way including a mad search for deodorant (who forgets to put on deodorant before a long day at Disneyland??) and a wardrobe malfunction on Splash Mountain.

We had enough time that we were able to go on most rides and see the attractions that we wanted to. The boys loved every. single. bit. of. it. Each ride we went on was their favorite. One of the highlights was visiting the new Cars Land at California Adventure. You really feel like you're walking around in Radiator Springs (along with a gillion other people). Pretty cool.

Although the kids were troopers, we did a lot of resting and sitting around waiting for parades so that we didn't completely wear them out. 

Our last day there we had a Magic Morning so we were able to get into the park an hour early. We managed to squeeze in several rides and finished up our day with a butt kicking to the dark side.

Overall it was an amazing Disneyland experience for our family. Looking forward to doing it again in a few years.

Tap the Cask

Monday, October 1, 2012

We spent some time this weekend at our favorite little escape here in Arizona  - Page Springs Cellars. They hosted a "Tap the Cask" event for members and we were treated to a discussion about harvesting and fermenting led by winemaker Eric Glomski. By far, the highlight of the day for me was getting to spend time in their cellar. The lighting was definitely a challenge but I had fun photographing (and tasting) barrels upon barrels of some really remarkable wines.

The boys even tagged along with us and spent the afternoon fishing, playing bean bag toss next to the vines, LEGOs on the deck, and reveling in the attention of the super friendly and welcoming PSC staff. As usual, we didn't want to leave but are looking to our next visit again in the near future.

Happy Monday.