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Friday, August 27, 2010
Imagine my excitement when I woke up from my nap (a rare treat!) yesterday and found these incredible pictures in my inbox! My friend Laura of Laura Winslow Photography took these amazing gems of my new t-shirts. Love, love, love them and have to share them with you! 

To see more of Laura's incredible photos, visit her site at www.laurawinslowphotography.com. To see the t-shirts listed in my shop, click here and remember that my summer sale is going on for a few more days - 25% off your entire order with the code SUMMER10.

And Then There Were Three

Monday, August 23, 2010
Unfortunately, we lost one of our chickens today. My mom discovered our sweet Ramona at the bottom of the coop this afternoon. She seemed fine this morning and had even laid an egg so we know she wasn't egg bound. Our best guess is that the heat got to her despite our attempts to keep our chickens cool with the mister and access to plenty of fresh water.

Ramona had replaced Effie as my favorite chicken over the past couple of months because of her friendly, sweet nature.

The boys loved her too.

courtesy of www.laurawinslowphotography.com

As I was cleaning out the coop after she passed, Finley came outside and immediately noticed that there were only 3 chickens. I told him that Ramona had died. He was quiet for minute with a very sad face and then asked if we could recycle her. I tried to explain that we only recycle paper, glass, etc. but he still doesn't understand why we can't recycle chickens.

I've consulted some folks over at the Phoenix Permaculture Guild and they have assured me that these kinds of things happen with chickens and we likely won't know the reason (although they agree that it was most likely heat stroke). 

I didn't realize I'd be so sad about losing one of my chickens. I guess I have officially become a crazy chicken lady. Rest in peace sweet Ramona - we will miss you.

*ETA: We received some feedback that perhaps our dear Ramona was stung by a scorpion. Scorpions are a big problem around our home so it wouldn't surprise me. Apparently, a scorpion sting coupled with high temperatures can lead to a quick death in chickens.

Big day! First day of preschool!

Thursday, August 19, 2010
It is a big day here in our house. Today is Finley's first day of preschool. He has been counting down the days (and I have too!). 

I'm a little sad today because he's growing up so fast! But mostly, I am excited for him.

And of course back to school means getting some new threads.  Sporting his new favorite tee from b. children's wear.

And his brand new Vans that he picked out all by himself. He has a bold sense of style!

And a silly personality to match!

Have a super day at school my little Fin!!

More Pictures from the Alice in Wonderland Shoot

Monday, August 16, 2010
Laura from Laura Winslow Photography sent me some more pictures from the Alice in Wonderland shoot last month. You can read the full post about it on Laura's blog. These pictures are too fabulous not to share.

Photography by Laura Winslow Photography 
Hair acessories by Dolce Vita Mia
Lavender bloomers by Little Mave
Tanks & mustache tee by me

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***ETA: Head on over to Dolce Vita Mia's blog for some more amazing pictures and another *sweet* deal!***

A Belated Birthday Gift from Parkside Harmony

Thursday, August 12, 2010
This past Sunday, I went to check out the newest H&M store in Scottsdale with my friend Erica of Parkside Harmony. When I picked Erica up, she presented me with a belated birthday gift - a gorgeous handmade journal.


Erica picked out a stunning paper in gorgeous blues for the color and used an orange waxed linen thread for the binding. It's so beautiful, that I hardly want to write in it (but I will, of course).

Each of Erica's books are made with Stonehenge 100% Cotton paper- a heavy weight (90lb) paper suitable for a variety of media. All pages are hand cut, hand torn, hand folded, and hand sewn by her. The book is bound in 6 needle Coptic stitch. I have no clue what Coptic stitch is but it looks very cool!

Erica's books are so well made and beautiful, that she is featured in Etsy's Blog *today* in their Eat, Pray, Love inspired finds. You can see it here.

I absolutely love handmade gifts - especially when they come from dear friends. Thanks so much Erica and thanks for tagging along with me on our little shopping excursion.

Be sure to visit Parkside Harmony to see more of Erica's stunning work.

Make your own paper cupcakes

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Oh my goodness. How cute are these? Fat free, no cal - what could be better? To download your own paper cupcakes (for free!), check out Volume 25.

Strange Arizona

Monday, August 9, 2010
I like living in Arizona. Sure, there are a few things I don't like about this state (heat, scorpions, politics, etc.) - but seriously, with pictures like the ones to follow, you have to admit there is a certain quirky charm about this place that I find very endearing.

My husband, brother, and nephew headed up to Sedona this weekend for a little canyoneering adventure and came home with these photos. Strange indeed...

I don't even know what this picture is about but the Ronald McDonald doll next to the javalina head kind of freak me out.

And these pink, prickly javalina statues freak me out even more.

My husband came home with some tacky souvenirs but he did not bring home the fartless chili (although with a house full of boys, that might have been a good idea.)

Not quite sure what this sign is for now but I can guess what it was for ages ago.


And it's definitely not a trip to Sedona without an alien/UFO sighting.

Or an alien cactus sighting.

It rained a lot while they were up there so the locals put hats on their flamingos to keep them dry.

I think I  need this fat guy mud flap sticker for my Camry.

Good thing these three guys are pretty strange so they fit right in.

Hats for Hens?

Friday, August 6, 2010
I regularly peruse craftgawker and if you aren't familiar with the site, you absolutely must check it out. Anyhow, imagine my delight when I came across this amazing photo from Gale Zucker at she shoots sheep shots.

Gale Zucker Photography

Have you ever seen something so absurd yet cute before? I love everything about this photo...the hen, the hat, the composition. Those of you who read my blog are probably thinking that I'm just the type of person to put a hat on my hens (and you're probably right).

To see more of this fabulous little hat wearing hen in action, head on over to she shoots sheep shots or visit Gale's website. Be sure to give your self a chunk of time to view her photos - they are amazing.

I don't even eat eggs.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Yet I'm completely obsessed with collecting them everyday. I thought I'd get over the excitement but now that all four of my girls are laying, I pop into their coop several times a day (poor chickens) to see if they've left us anything.

I check on them first thing in the morning and I either find this:

or this:

Poor Flo. She's the only chicken that sits in the nesting box sideways and always looks so awkward in there. Anyhow, once I collect the eggs, I put them in a little bowl on the counter until I have enough to wash. To wash or not to wash fresh eggs is the big debate with chicken owners. I'm a washer.

Then I take them and arrange them so I can take pretty pictures. I seriously need to get a life, right? I don't really do this that often...just once in a while ;)

Then I give them a little wash, stick them in the carton, and put them in the fridge. Fresh eggs can stay out for quite a while but since I live in the desert and it's ridiculously hot, I refridgerate them after a few days.

We are getting four eggs a day and I don't even eat them. The only time I eat eggs is if they are scrambled into a savory fried rice or in the breakfast quesadilla from Liberty Market. I've promised myself that I will try to be more open to giving them a try. We'll see.

One last note...I promise that this is not going to be just a chicken blog. I'll post about the girls only occasionally once the novelty of this whole chicken/egg thing wears off. I guess there's a chance that it won't wear off and I'll become a crazy chicken lady which is entirely possible. Let's hope not. Right now though, I'm absolutely loving it and you are all stuck reading about it.