My girls are growing up!

Sunday, May 2, 2010
Time for a chicken update. (I warned you I like to talk about them a lot.) My sweet little girls are coming up on 3 months old! I absolutely can't believe how big they've grown in that time and how much I've enjoyed having my own little backyard flock. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the patio and watching them scratch and peck and listening to their soft clucks.

The past couple of months we've really gotten to know their personalities. Each one of my girls is so unique. I hate to do this, but I have to admit I have a favorite. While she may not be the prettiest chicken I have, I am absolutely smitten with Effie. She is friendly, curious, and super goofy with her fluffy cheeks.  Just last night while we ate dinner outside, she hopped up on the table and sat with us. My boys love her and she loves their attention.

Ramona is another friendly and sweet girl. She is beautiful and I have a feeling she'll be my best layer. We won't know for a few months since they're not old enough to start laying for us yet.

While Flo isn't quite as comfortable around us as Effie and Ramona, I think she is very striking with her black and white feathers and her personality is very sweet.

Lastly, we have Lucy. Although I love her, she is my least favorite of the four. (I know it's horrible to play favorites, but you know you'd do it to.) Lucy does not like people and tries to avoid contact with us as often as possible. Somehow, she is still Finley's favorite chicken. And she really is a pretty girl.

Caring for the chickens has been easier than I thought. Way easier than having dogs. My biggest challenge is all of the chicken poop (seriously, they poop a lot!) and ensuring that my dogs don't try to eat them. We're looking forward to seeing how much bigger they get in the next couple of months and best of all, we're looking forward to their yummy and gorgeous eggs! *Another warning, when we have our first egg, I will be ridiculously excited and will likely have a whole post on just one egg.

If you are in the Phoenix area and considering a backyard flock of your own, I highly suggest you look into the Phoenix Permaculture Guild. They have been an invaluable resource for me with their discussion boards, chicken classes, and the Tour de Coops.


Parkside Harmony said...

Chicken poop is supposed to be great for the garden! Maybe you can package it and sell it to non-chicken owning gardeners... :)

Parkside Harmony said...

Because, I know that you would just LOVE to package chicken poop. :D

Maryann said...

OMG!! I just got chickens! I have four as well-- they are about 9 weeks old and I have written some blog posts about them! Come visit anytime! =)


Noelle said...

Effie is my favorite as well. The kids are so in love with her because she lets them pet her :-)

Laura said...

Aww, I love little Effie!! I have to say, though, Ramona is just soooo beautiful. She looks so kind and peaceful. She just might be my fave. What fun to have these amazing little buddies running around! Your boys are so lucky. :)

Kellye said... are at the top of my list of people I super duper have to meet before I die! Plus, you have me wanting chickens like nobody's business!!!! How does Soda Pop do with those girls?

Josey's mom said...

these girls are GORGEOUS!

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