LOVE for Japan

Monday, April 11, 2011
After the tragedy happened in Japan a few weeks ago, I was watching the footage feeling absolutely helpless (like everyone else, I'm sure.) I decided to design a {LOVE for Japan} t-shirt and donate the proceeds to the American Red Cross. My dear friend Laura of Laura Winslow Photography immediately hopped on board with my idea and shot some amazing pictures that I could use.

Laura is one of the busiest women I know but she dropped everything to take these pictures. I had the files from her just a few hours after she received the t-shirt. 

When I created the tee, I thought that I might sell about 20-30 of them. I was so wrong. You folks are amazingly generous and giving!! I sold well over 100 of these little tees in just two days and was able to donate over $1,300 to the American Red Cross. I am still blown away by everyone's generosity.

Because I applique these tees by myself and have sold so many, I closed the sale of the tees on my site. However, if anyone is still interested, send me a message at and I would be happy to make a few more (100% of the proceeds will go to the American Red Cross).


sara said...

That's amazing and so are you! xoxox

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