Week 3 With the Chicks

Thursday, September 29, 2011
The chicks are three weeks old now and are starting to enter the awkward phase. They are quickly losing their fuzz and feathering out. Although they are still a ton of fun, they are getting louder and smellier and I'm anxious to move them outside in a couple of weeks.




And Francie.

And speaking of chickens...Phoenix area locals who raise chickens, are interested in raising chickens, or just like to chat with fun and friendly folks, mark your calendars! This year's Phoenix Tour de Coops is going to be held on December 3rd.

Keep an eye on the Valley Permaculture Alliance website for more information.


ninalismomtographers365project said...

First off I am crackin' at the decor behind Cookie...she fits right in ha ha! And secondly, oh my Francie is hilarious! she almost looks fake in the picture on the left. You showing your coop again this year?

Grace said...

She is so awkward looking, Ninali. It's been fun to see how she's changed. I can't wait to see what she looks like when she's a full grown hen. We're taking the year off from showing the coop and looking forward to checking out everyone else's coop instead.

Parkside Harmony said...

They are so goofy looking right now! Still cute though!! ;)

Grace said...

They are even goofier looking this week (in the cutest way possible). However, they are getting so flipping messy! Looking forward to moving them out into their new coop this weekend.

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