Update on the New Girls

Friday, November 18, 2011
I have some sad news. We lost one of the new chickens a couple weeks ago. Lottie (the buff orpington) got underneath the fence and into the front yard. Our neighbor's dog spotted her, ran over, and killed her. I was devastated and our poor neighbor felt terrible. Ultimately, it was my fault for not securing the fence better (which has since been rectified by Jason).

The other chicks are doing great. They are now free ranging during the day with the bigger girls and for the most part, they all get along nicely. Flo continues to be a bit of a bully but they know to steer clear of her.  Anytime she comes within 10 feet of them, they panic and run away.

Francie, our naked neck, is still awkward looking but in the cutest way possible, right? (I don't want to give her a complex.)

The big girls love the chick feed and are forever trying to figure out a way to get into the pullets' coop. We use a plastic boat to prop the door open just enough for the little ones to fit in and keep the others out. Speaking of the coop, this crazy old coop we bought is such a nightmare - I spend at least 30 minutes a day trying to help the doves get out of it. And I'll be honest, the doves scare the hell out of me when they're flying around in a mad panic and going straight for my hair and face. When the girls are bigger and on layer feed with the rest of the chickens, we will move them into the big coop and use this coop for new chickens.

Lucy has just finished molting and loves to show off her bright white tail feathers. She was looking super ragged so we are happy that she's back to her lovely self.

Our fall/winter garden is amazing this year!!  There is nothing better than fresh produce straight from the garden (and this is coming from a girl who is not a huge fan of veggies).  A bonus is that we've managed to keep all chickens and dogs out of the garden so far.

With the gorgeous weather we've been having in the desert, we've been spending a ton of time outdoors.  I love this little moment that I captured between Finley and sock monkey...

and Oliver, piggy, and his "old lady."

Enjoy the weekend!


Allison Waken said...

Can I come visit your house? I love it! RIP Lottie :( So sad! and yes Francie you are cute :) And your garden is amazing!! I wanted to start mine last month (I'm afraid it's too late now) but where did you get the soil to fill it with? I was looking for organic but just don't know what to choose. It seems crazy to go buy a bunch of bags from Home Depot but maybe that's what you're supposed to do?

Ninali said...

Oh so so sorry to hear about Lottie :( I would've been devastated. As usual your garden looks absolutely like perfection...(drool) someday...someday(sigh)

Grace said...

Allison, since our garden is pretty big, we had a high quality soil trucked in from a landscaping company. Then we went to Singh Farms in Scottsdale (you *have* to go there - amazing place!) and bought a ton of bags of organic soil from them to mix in. Singh Farms doesn't have a website but here is there FB page: https://www.facebook.com/singhfarms. Even if you don't buy soil from them, their farm is gorgeous and they have the most amazing produce, spreads, and baked goods. Your boys would love a visit there.

Laura said...

Oh, so sad about dear Lottie! :( Poor doll. I just love these little moments you captured of F+O. Soo, so sweet and so priceless. Such beauty in those quiet, mundane moments of life. ♥

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