What He Wore: BOY style

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Sorry for skipping BOY style last week (hectic!) but I'll make up for it this week with the adorable and stylin' Hudson! Hudson is such a stylish little guy that he's got two outfits to show off for us.

Shorts: Old Navy
Gingham long sleeve shirt: Target
Whale short sleeve tee: Crew Cuts
Shoes: Toms

Skinny jeans: Gap
Nautical striped tee: The Children's Place
Lizard sneaks: Converse
(where do we get the cute puppy?)

Clearly, Hudson knows how to rock an outfit. I'm guessing in part that it's because he has a super fun mom who designs the darling clothing line for littles, Eight Baby Legs. Eight Baby Legs is closed for the moment because Hudson has recently become a big brother.  But because I absolutely cannot resist, here's a peek at just some of the cuteness that will fill the shop when it reopens!

Eight Baby Legs should reopen soon. Check out the FB page and be the first to know when it does.

A big thank you to Hudson for sharing his style with us!

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amanda b. said...

aw, sweet! i didn't expect an EBL feature...thank you!

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