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Wednesday, August 22, 2012
I have to apologize for being seriously MIA from the blog these past few weeks. The boys started back to school and it's taken me a while to get back in my groove with the new schedule. Oliver started pre-k and Finley started kindergarten! Yes, kindergarten. I can't believe he's old enough to be in school all. day. long. And I can't believe I miss him as much as I do. I was itching to get those little guys out of my hair towards the end of summer and now I can't wait until it's time to pick them up each day. 

Anyhow, they are loving school and having a blast.

I'm not usually one to dress my kids alike but they have to wear uniforms to school and holy heck, it makes things so much easier!

A few of you have asked how our Johnny is doing and he is still fitting in like a champ and running around like he's got four legs (which he doesn't). He is totally living up the puppy stage that he didn't get in his earlier months and getting into everything he can (fortunately, he leaves the stuff inside the house alone for the most part but he can't keep sticks, rocks, pine cones, etc. out of his mouth) - we're working on that. He's a super curious and clumsy dog and the veterinarian was joking with me this morning that I might need to start a savings account for an inevitable emergency surgery. Yikes.

This post was a bit random but the point is that I'm alive and will be back to regular blogging soon! I've got some really fun BOY style features lined up that I'm looking forward to sharing with you and I'm hoping to whip up some tutorials for the best day of the year - HALLOWEEN!

Hope everyone is doing well.

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