Signs of Fall

Monday, September 17, 2012
After enduring a scorching summer here in the desert, I am always clinging to and looking for signs of fall. It is my favorite season and sadly, we don't get too much of it around here. However, I am definitely noticing some early signs of cooler, crisper weather this year. It might be a stretch since our days are still hovering around 100 but the mornings and evenings are absolutely perfect.

One sure sign for us that cooler weather (remember, it's a relative term for us) is here is that the girls don't touch their feed. They are out ranging all day foraging for their own food. In the summer, they're too hot to work that hard so they gobble their feed right up. Also, egg production is way down because the three older hens are molting and I'm thinking that the young girls will start any day now too.

Even Sodapop and Johnny are noticing the change of seasons. They pretty much hole up inside during the hotter months but they are spending as much time as possible outdoors - especially in the mornings. Johnny can't get enough of the cool, soft dichondra.

We've been getting out more too. We've resumed our evening walks around the neighborhood to visit our animal friends. We were stoked to see some new turkeys down the road. These guys (and gals?) are a kick to watch and listen to. I'm pretty sure they'll disappear in a couple of months though.

I gave Finley an old point and shoot camera and he is in absolute heaven. The kid loves to bring his camera on our walks to take pictures of the animals (and other random things).

And the best sign of fall? HALLOWEEN! My favorite holiday by far. I spent a few hours this weekend whipping up Finley's costume (tutorial coming soon) and plan to get started on Oliver's this week.

We've got a lot of fun plans for the season including the boys' first trip to Disneyland, a visit to Page Springs Cellars, some college football games, Halloween hijinks, and a few concerts. Good times - looking forward to it all. I hope you guys are enjoying this change of season as much as I am.


Allison Waken said...

You make the best costumes! Can't wait to see Oliver's too. That material for the cape is so perfect.

I need to check out Page Springs Cellars! And I hope you have an amazing time at Disneyland!! Trying to figure out when I can squeeze in a trip too!

Grace said...

Thanks, Allison! The cape is my favorite. The material makes me laugh.

Page Springs is amazing!!! You guys would love it. We even bring the boys with us sometimes. It's on the river so they like to run around and try to catch frogs. A nice, close escape from the valley. :)

Haley said...

O.T. but I have to ask: if you were to have another little boy, what would you name him? You see, I happen to have two boys: Finnley age almost 4 and Oliver age 2 :) multiple people have referred me to your blog, which I now stalk regularly :)
I have my third boy due in December and haven't settled on a name. Who better to ask than you?
Many thanks,

Grace said...

You have great taste in names, Haley! What a kick! If we were to have a third, my husband would push for George and I think I would lean towards William. Do you guys have any ideas so far? Best of luck to you and your family as you prepare for your newest little one! ~Grace

Oh Fiddlesticks! said...

Grace~ my favorite season is fall, too! I am loving the cooler weather here in Austin. WE are still in the 90's most days but there is a breeze in the air and I can burn my pumpkin spice candle and not feel too weird. LOVE the costume and can't wait to see more pics of Finley wearing it. xxoo M

Grace said...

We'll take what we can get as far as weather, right M? ;) Miss you! xoxo

Laura said...

Ooh, you make me want to turn the air down even more, make some pumpkin bread + sip on cider! I love fall--and how COOL is that costume?! Can't wait to see it on Fin! Can't wait for our concert!!!

Haley said...

Thank you, Grace!
We don't have any that feel like "the name" but a few we like are: Arlis, Lyle, Remy, Jack, and Warner. You are so sweet for asking. Thank you for the reply. Happy Fall to you and yours,

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