DIY Heart Pillow Cover

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
I am not one to go overboard for Valentine's Day. It's a fun day and the kids love it but I don't think I've ever decorated my home in hearts or anything like that. Until now. I'm a minimalist by nature but who can resist a little (or big) hot pink heart here and there? Not me.

This tutorial is SUPER easy and is a quick way to add some pop by dressing up a plain pillow cover.

What you'll need:
  • A plain pillow cover (I prewashed mine). If you don't have one on hand and don't want to buy one, there are a ton of great tutorials online for sewing pillow covers (I'm not that ambitious).
  • Pillow insert (both my pillow cover and insert came from IKEA but you can find them all over)
  • Felt - I used Rainbow Classic eco fi felt on this one because I'll probably need to wash it
  • Sewing machine (you could always hand sew it if you don't have a machine)
  • Scissors, pins, and paper

Getting started:

My pillow cover measured 20 x 20 so I taped four sheets of paper together to measure the same. I hand drew a heart on the paper. You can  get a heart template online but I like the wonky style of a hand drawn heart.

Use your template and cut out the heart from your felt.

Place your heart on your pillow cover and pin it into place (be sure to pin it to just the top of layer of the cover).

Slide the opening of the cover onto your sewing machine arm and sew into place. This part was a little tricky because my pillow cover is really thick so I really had to maneuver it around the arm of my machine. Be extra careful to only sew it to the top layer of the cover.

Stuff your pillow inside and you're finished.

Super easy and fun. Quick enough and inexpensive enough that I'm happy to have it out for just a few short weeks.

Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!


aka Bailey said...

I love this tutorial! It's such a nice little splash of color :)

melissa said...

I was actually going to do this for a pillow in our home this weekend...just bought my felt and was leaning toward the hot pink heart, too! Yeah! Happy love day!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the Love mustache template. I flipped it and used freezer paper stenciling for my son's V-day shirt. He loved it since I painted it yellow like the Lorax. :)

myhomeandheart said...

I love your pillow and this wood wall behind the bed..Amazing! Greetings Asia

Grace said...

Thanks, Sadie!! So glad the LOVE mustache template worked for you. I'd love to see how it turned out.

@myhomeandheart, thank you so much! My husband was a trooper and built that beast for me. I love it!

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