DIY Chalkboard Bubbles {oh happy day}

Thursday, September 2, 2010
I came across this adorable and clever tutorial from oh happy day while browsing one of my favorite crafty blogs, Be Different Act Normal. These look ridiculously fun and easy to make and the best part is that the oh happy day gals managed to make them for under $12!

I am totally going to try these this weekend. For the full post on how to make these chalkboard bubbles, head on over to oh happy day.


Lorie said...

Don't they look so fun! I am trying to find just the right event to make them for. My kids love to do skits, especially with their cousins. I think when we are home for Christmas we might have to do a cousin Christmas play where we make the older kids write out all of their lines on thought bubbles!!

Grace said...

Lorie, I was so excited to see this tutorial on your blog. There are a zillion little things to do with these chalkboards. Your Christmas idea is so fun! I have the foam here at my house - I just have to find the paper.

Angela said...

I like this....:)


sara said...

I HAVE to make these now...just imagine all the things Pie would have to "say" :)

Grace said...

You have to Sara - I'm pretty sure Pie has a lot to say :)

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