Heading to Oklahoma and Sydney!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010
I have been up to my eyeballs in wholesale orders lately (hence my sporadic posting here). I recently finished up a large order for a brand new children's boutique in Sydney, Australia called Angel and Ivory. Melissa, the owner of Angel and Ivory, is a doll and was so much fun to work with. If you happen to be strolling around Sydney (doesn't that sound nice?) be sure to check out this darling new store.

Angel and Ivory
2-6 Birmingham Street
NSW 2015
I'm also finishing up an order for an existing client of mine, Amber from The Funky Zebra Boutique in Oklahoma. Amber is a blast and is always choosing the most wild color combinations for my designs.  For all things fun, bright, and girly, be sure to visit her store.

The Funky Zebra Boutique
209 West Main Street
Weatherford, OK 73096

Now that these orders are under my belt, I have a ton of Halloween projects that I'm planning to attempt. Be sure to check back for the results and tutorials soon.


elise said...

this post is blowing my mind! My sister in law lives in OK and was telling me about the Funky Zebra. Blog world and real world collide in the strangest ways :O)

Grace said...

That is too funny, Elise! I am always blown away at what a small world it really is.

sara said...

Grace! That is so fantastic!! Those shirt/dresses in the Angel and Ivory picture are adorable. I would put Pie in one of those in a heartbeat!

Grace said...

Aren't they darling, Sara? I can't take credit for them though - they are from an advertisement for Angel and Ivory that Melissa sent to me. I'd be happy to find out the label if you'd like :)

Kellye said...

I am so proud and excited for you Grace!!! Big things happening!!!!

Grace said...

Thanks, Kellye! I'm just waiting for your B&M store to open so I can send some goodies to you ;) XOXO

Ashlee Sikes said...

That is so awesome, Grace!!! Exciting!

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