Some Valentine's Love with The Savvy Mom's Guide

Sunday, February 13, 2011
If you haven't visited The Savvy Mom's Guide yet, you absolutely must head over there. Bri and Amy are the super fun and sweet mama's behind TSMG. They have found that spray paint, scrapbook paper and fabric can give anything a face lift. The dollar bin at Target is better than a sale rack at Nordstrom's (well maybe not, but that is what they tell their husbands). Pictures of family are priceless compared to framed art (and cheaper). And nothing is better than Starbucks......but you can live without it, as long as you have a good coffee creamer.

These savvy mamas recently coordinated an adorable Valentine's Day candy shoppe themed photo shoot with the incredibly talented Christine of Racz Photography.

I was thrilled when they asked me to send some clothes over for the shoot. Seriously, how flipping cute are these little kiddos?

You can see where the kids get it from because their mamas are gorgeous! And incredibly sweet too. To see more photos from their shoot and to learn how to be a savvy mama yourself, be sure to stop by and pay them a visit. 

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I love the Finley & Oliver site, and now I love the Blog! Thanks for sharing and glad I found you through the LWP Blog!

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