Introducing Noah and Lilah

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
I've been sitting on my hands keeping this a secret but now I finally get to tell you all that I'm collaborating on an amazing summer collection with Sherri of the fabulous Noah and Lilah. I absolutely adore the style of Noah and Lilah clothing - fresh, modern, and not over designed - so when Sherri mentioned the idea of a collaboration, I was all over it!

Here's a little peak of some of the awesomeness of Noah and Lilah (all of these cutie clothes are available here). You'll have to wait to see the new collection which will be available in June. ;)

Sherri is an amazing seamstress and creates some of the most adorable little twirl skirts, dresses, and shorts that I've seen. Every time I see one of her new creations, I wish I had a little girl.  I mean seriously, how cute is the little red polka skirt??

We are both working hard on the new collection and I thought it would be fun to take a break and introduce you all to the incredibly talented, sweet, and down to earth, Sherri.

What were you doing before Noah and Lilah?
Wow - it seems so long ago!  I actually never had any plans to stay home with kids when I was pregnant, and I worked as a Director of Finance for a large international finance company.  But one look at Noah when he was born and that was it - I just couldn't go back.  I did work for one year part time after Noah was two, but then Lilah was born, and then the shop Noah and Lilah was born, and the rest is history.  Now I'm content to spend my days with them, sew like mad when they're sleeping, and see where this takes me.  

How did Noah and Lilah get started?
I actually didn't start sewing until I was pregnant with Lilah.  I have a few (not local) friends who sewed/knit and I wanted to learn how.  I started knitting but it didn't give me the immediate gratification that I wanted (I'm not that fast!).  But then I took one sewing class at Joann's, we made a pillowcase, and I was hooked!  That same week I went out and bought a machine, fabric and patterns, and just started playing around with stuff.  My first pair of pants probably took me four hours, but I did it completely on my own and that taught me *so* much.  I learn by doing, and am mostly self-taught.  After Lilah was born I started doing more sewing, opened the shop, was contacted by some photogs to shoot my items, and here we are! 

How would you describe your design style/aesthetic?
Simple is the key word that comes to mind.  I'm totally not into frilly things, and am for the most part a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal.  But simple doesn't mean clothes can't be cute!  I think this new line shows that best.  How to take a few simple pieces, make a few changes, be really modern and stylish, but still not overly fussy or frilly. Grace here...this is one of the reasons why Sherri and I totally connect. We have a very similar design aesthetic.

When you're not busy with your clothing line, what do you like to do?
We're big DIYers around our house, so we're always working on something (currently finishing our basement).  We also have a garden that keeps us busy in the warmer months.  I also recently started CrossFit and am loving it!  But give me a warm sunny day, sitting on the deck while my kids play around my husband and I with a good meal and some wine, and I'm a happy girl!

What inspires your designs?
That's a hard one - can be so many things.  More often than not - it's fabric.  Sometimes I go searching for fabric - not even knowing what I plan to/want to make, and once I find the fabric I just know.  This collection was that way.  We talked theme and color - I went in search of the fabrics based on that criteria, and the pieces were born after seeing the fabrics. 

Favorite piece of the new collection?  
Oh my gosh - so many! I love the all navy tiered skirt.  I've been wanting to add a tiered skirt to my shop for a while, and this was the perfect one.

Thanks so much to Sherri for answering these questions and sharing with us. Be sure to stop by and swoon over her Noah and Lilah line. I promise, you will fall in love just as quickly as I did.

Our summer collection is being photographed by the fabulous Laura of Laura Winslow Photography and will be available in June. So excited!

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katie and co. said...

Woohoo! Love that you guys are collaborating! It's a match made in heaven! xoxo

Grace said...

Thanks, Katie! I think so too!! She gets bonus points because she used to live in Gilbert ;) Small world.

Laura said...

I can't wait! This is going to be so much fun!! :)

Mia said...

Sounds so exciting!! Can't wait to see what you girls have up your sleeve!! :-)

Rags to Stitches said...

Amazing!!! I'm so excited for this collaboration!!!

Angela said...

I love love love these! :) Thanks for sharing...

DesignbyReBirth said...

These fabrics are stunning! What a beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Carter said...

So excited about this, I just know the clothing will be darling and perfect - cheers!

amanda b. said...

just noticed this fab little shop comes from indiana, too. it's such a small world! we should totally work on a collaboration in the future.

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