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Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Without fail, the second the mercury reaches 115 degrees here in Phoenix, our air conditioner craps out. This has happened to us the past three years in a row. A/C repair guys are in high demand and the soonest one can get to our house is this upcoming Friday morning. Fortunately for us, we have a separate air conditioner for our living room and dining room so for the past two days, we have been camping out on the other side of the house.

We set up sleeping bags for the boys underneath the dining room table and they are in heaven. Jason and I set up our bed in the adjoining living room. We do not think this little adventure is nearly as fun as they do.

Oliver has been busy entertaining us with his singing. The kid is obsessed with Adele and sings songs from her "21" album all. day. long. We noticed him singing like this (below) in the backseat of the car last week. We thought he was falling asleep so we kept bugging him to stay awake. He finally replied, "this is how Adele sings." True story.

My sweet mom took the kids out to Bass Pro Shops today to get them out of the house and out of our hair. She bought them some goodies which have entertained them for most of the afternoon. Let's just hope they are still entertained by these toys when Friday rolls around.

Crossing our fingers that it is an easy fix and that the repair guy doesn't need to order out some part that will take another few days to get here. Five days of sharing a small space with these guys 24/7 is more than enough for me.

Good thing they're cute.


Lorie said...

I hope that the AC gets fixed soon. I hope you have a pool you can go sit in!

And they are too cute!

I will say that with as much as I miss AZ, I definitely don't miss the 115!

Lorie said...

PS - have you ever been to the splash park at Temple Town lake? It is free and would be a fun place to go cool off!

Grace said...

Thanks, Lorie! The guy just left and the repair was minor - thank goodness. We haven't tried the splash park at Tempe Town Lake. We'll have to check it out sometime next week. Happy Fourth to you!

Laura said...

Sounds like fun (despite the lack of air) and quite the adventure for your cuties!! :) Love this!

Mia said...

Oh my goodness, Grace!! I can't believe your A/C went out again. The silver lining is that Oliver can do a hilarious version of Adele. How funny is that!!

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