The Great Haboob

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
I was working in the office last night when my husband told me to come out in the backyard. This is what I saw.

Dust storms, technically known as haboobs (no joke), are pretty common during the monsoon season in Arizona but I've never seen anything like this one. 

This dust cloud which has been estimated to be 3000 feet tall and 60-100 miles wide was barreling straight towards the metro Phoenix area. It was incredible to watch.

Once we secured things in the backyard (including the chickens), we went inside to hunker down and watch from the windows. We don't get very exciting weather in Arizona so when it's this dramatic, it's pretty exciting for us.

About 2 minutes after I took the picture above, everything went pitch black. Literally. It went from being light outside to being completely and totally black out - zero light and zero visibility. Strangest thing ever. And a bit freaky.

This video shows an amazing progression of the haboob swallowing up downtown Phoenix. Check it out - it's incredible.

Aside from a major layer of dirt everywhere and a torn shade cloth on the garden, we are fine if not a little dusty.


Stephanie @ Figments of a Mom said...

Omygosh - that's crazy - great photos though!

Lorie said...

I learned the word Haboob about ten years ago, the first time I remember every having a storm like that in AZ.

I think we used the word Haboob a thousand times that day becuase it was so fun to say!

Jina said...

Hey... I read your blog regularly, and I wanted you to know that today my two worlds collided because the video you linked to is my husband's. Yay for Kismet! :)

Grace said...

Lorie, I still giggle when I say it :)

Jina, no way!! That is such a coincidence. Your husband's video is incredible. I saw it in my facebook news feed at least a dozen different times today. Kudos to him for capturing something so amazing. :)

Anonymous said...

That was the craziest video!! I would've thought that some crazy bomb or something had blown up if I had seen something like that coming toward me like that. Just crazy!!

Kara said...

Great pictures Grace. I love your blog, why don't I have it in my reader?! I always forget about it. I love seeing your boys and how happy they are living life and your chickens are precious!

La-Dee-da crafter said...

I am a new follower and my husband, me and our 2 girls drove through this going through Phoenix to Tucson....crazy, crazy!!!!

Grace said...

Wowza, La-Dee-Da! I can't imagine driving through that! Crazy. Thanks so much for stopping by and following.

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