Meet Jose...before he leaves

Sunday, April 11, 2010
We had an unexpected guest during the Finley and Oliver photo shoot this past weekend. As we were all standing around the grapefruit tree chatting about the shoot, Jose (a Costa's hummingbird) flew right in the center of us and just hovered there as if he wanted to join in on the conversation. Laura was able to capture this incredible photo with Jose perched on the top of the tree.

Jose is a very friendly and loyal resident of our backyard. He has been there since the day we moved in. Although Costa's hummingbirds are generally tolerant of our summer heat, Jose leaves during the summer months and faithfully returns when the weather cools in the fall. He is the coolest little guy and has absolutely no fear of humans - he'll fly right up to us and loves to watch the boys play. You can read more about him and see more photos of him on the AZ Plant Lady blog.

And be sure to check back soon for pictures from the shoot. They are going to be awesome!


Noelle said...

How great that he came back for a visit. I think he knew you were having a photo shoot and wanted to make sure that his photo was taken ;-)

Finley and Oliver said...

We thought he had left since it's starting to heat up but we noticed this week that he just moved from the almond tree to the grapefruit tree.

Laura said...

I love Jose!! He is such a sweet birdie!! :)

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