Halloween Already?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
My 3 year old has been talking non-stop about Halloween lately which I think was triggered by a recent trip to Hobby Lobby. They have all of their fall and Christmas decor out. During checkout, he insisted that we needed rush home and hang up our Christmas lights.

When Finley was 10 months old, I couldn't resist the low price and cuteness of those puffy costumes at Old Navy so he was a little monkey. The following year Oliver joined us and I decided they would be a gnome and a mushroom. Finley refused to wear the beard so my husband stuck a little piece of white fluff into the side of his hat instead. I have no idea where the flag came from.

Last year I wanted to make them luchador costumes but I totally ran out of time. At the last minute, I picked up a puppy dog costume for Finley (that's the only choice you get the day before Halloween) and put together a viking costumer for Oliver with stuff we had around the house. Not the most original costumes but they still looked cute.

I love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. I have loved dressing up my babies for the past few years and dictating what they would be. I knew the time would soon come when they would decide for themselves what they would be and that time is now upon me. Both of them are insistent on what they will be this year and no matter how hard I've tried, I can't change their minds. Those of you who know my kids in real life will not be surprised at their choices. If any of you have ideas of how to turn these into costumes, please let me know. Good thing we're getting an early start this year.

Finley's Costume:

Oliver's Costume:

My husband and I are pretty crafty but I'm not sure we're *that* crafty...


Noelle said...

Maybe try using large cardboard boxes ;-)

sara said...

If you pull that off I will be so insanely impressed! I can't wait to dress Pie up this year, though she's still too young to know what's up!

Grace said...

Awww, Pie's first Halloween! Enjoy the opportunity to choose her costume for her while you can :)

Stacy Altiery/InkSpot Workshop said...

OMG! You need these http://www.inkspotworkshop.com/item/Vroom_/50/c44 Just found your blog from Laura Winslow, so glad!!

Grace said...

Stacy, thanks for stopping by!! I absolutely adore those note cards. I don't know if you remember but you made 2 inch circles for me with those same images that I turned into cupcake toppers for my son's birthday. They were a HUGE hit!!

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