Pirate Matryoshka from Lil Blue Boo {Tutorial}

Thursday, July 1, 2010

How ridiculously cute is this little pirate matryoshka doll from Lil Blue Boo?

Head on over to her blog for a tutorial on how to make this little pirate and transfer it on to the garment of your choice. This is my favorite kind of tutorial - the kind that anyone can do. Easy peasy.

I am so going to transfer this little guy on to a pair of matching onesies for my brand.spanking.new.arriving.this.fall.twin.nephews! And of course my boys will need this on a tee. The possibilities are endless.

If you haven't checked out the Lil Blue Boo blog before, be sure to do so. It is chock full of fun and creative ideas for novice to not so novice crafters. Trust me, you'll be hooked.


sara said...

That is so adorable! I see a new onsie in Pie's future :)

Finley and Oliver said...

I know, right!? So easy too. Can't wait to try it out.

Balisha said...

Grace...what a wonderful blog. I read your sister, Noelle's post (with you writing) about irrigation. I came over to read more about you. Your header is so cute...little boys are cute too. I'll be back to read more. Aren't you glad that you made the move to Arizona?

Finley and Oliver said...

Hi Balisha! Thank you for stopping by. Don't you love Noelle's blog? I feel so lucky to live so close to my gardening expert sister ;) We love living in Arizona but are less than thrilled today as our AC has gone out and it is scorching outside.

Anonymous said...

Now that is super cute - what a great find and a make it yourself - yeah!

Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

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