We got our kicks!

Saturday, July 31, 2010
Ok, I know it's a cheesy title but after a week of vacationing in Williams, Arizona, it fits. Williams is a super cute, quaint little town in Northern Arizona. Route 66 runs right through the center of town and is surrounded by tacky tourist shops, local artisan boutiques, coffee shops, and a handful of yummy restaurants. My SIL's family has few cabins up in the mountain just above the town and they are gracious enough to let us stay there each year.

While we were there we managed to do a lot of hiking and exploring.

We hung out with the locals.

We fed some deer

Who were ridiculously smart.

We got a shiner from our little brother.

We tried and tried to get the boys to smile for the camera to no avail.

We dropped our plastic cow in the wolf pup exhibit which resulted in a serious meltdown.

But most importantly, we had a great time together without our usual daily distractions.


sara said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. That first picture is amazing!

Noelle said...

Your photos are priceless! Where did you take the first photo? I love the track jacket by the way :-)

Laura said...

Sooo jealous!!! This looks amazing, like a photographer's paradise! I just love your narration of the whole thing, too. Hilarious, just hilarious. It looks like you had a blast, and I, too, love the first photograph so much! Glad to have you back, though! xoxo

Lindsay said...

Love these picture, the plastic cow part pic made me giggle!

Grace said...

Thanks everyone! Jason took the first picture with his cell phone. Noelle, he found this old cabin on a hike on the Sycamore Rim trail. It's east of the cabins - a couple of miles away.

Fakey said...

The closest I've been to the Southwest is a long weekend in Las Vegas... I'm thinking that doesn't really count. Great pictures!

Sam said...

Looks like you had a great time! Great pictures! Thanks for stopping by! Make sure and come back to get entered in my giveaways - a new one starting every day this week!

Mom. Undecided.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Looks like everyone had mostly a great time.

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