Strange Arizona

Monday, August 9, 2010
I like living in Arizona. Sure, there are a few things I don't like about this state (heat, scorpions, politics, etc.) - but seriously, with pictures like the ones to follow, you have to admit there is a certain quirky charm about this place that I find very endearing.

My husband, brother, and nephew headed up to Sedona this weekend for a little canyoneering adventure and came home with these photos. Strange indeed...

I don't even know what this picture is about but the Ronald McDonald doll next to the javalina head kind of freak me out.

And these pink, prickly javalina statues freak me out even more.

My husband came home with some tacky souvenirs but he did not bring home the fartless chili (although with a house full of boys, that might have been a good idea.)

Not quite sure what this sign is for now but I can guess what it was for ages ago.


And it's definitely not a trip to Sedona without an alien/UFO sighting.

Or an alien cactus sighting.

It rained a lot while they were up there so the locals put hats on their flamingos to keep them dry.

I think I  need this fat guy mud flap sticker for my Camry.

Good thing these three guys are pretty strange so they fit right in.


Sweet Harvey said...

Wow, only in Arizona. I grew up there but live in Iowa now - what a change! I guess we still see crazy stuff here - like our state fair features a life size cow made out of butter - what the heck?

Parkside Harmony said...

That's hilarious! I'm glad they had fun!!

Grace said...

I didn't know you great up here, Sweet Harvey. Small world! If I saw a cow made out of butter, I'd probably go up and lick it.

lindsey said...

Too funny!
Never been to 'zona but I would love to.
Raising Arizona is one of my fav movies.
These pictures are great.
Thanks for sharing!

sara said...

What an odd, odd place. I'm not even sure I can begin to address the alien cactus sighting, or the flamingo/hat issue...

Grace said...

Thanks, Lindsey! I love Raising Arizona too - so funny.

Oh Sara, there are some major oddities here in AZ but you kind of have to seek them out. On the surface, it looks pretty normal ;)

Laura said...

How awesome!!! This reminds me of this strange little museum in Louisiana with all of these random, interesting things. Love it!!

Noelle said...

I believe that one of the aliens looks a bit like our brother....don't you think?

dana0804 said...

Oh Grace - Every time I read your blog or look at your FB pics, I totally want to go 4H. (In a good way...)

Love the F&O shirts that the boys are sportin'!

We went to the "Valley of the Scorching" last week, and yes, it's hot. Really, really hot. Hopefully our next visit will afford me some spare time to make it to the 'east side'. Dying to meet some chickens and pre-schoolers. ;)


ilanin said...

The Fat Guy Mudflap comment made me spray water out my nose laughing! I should know better than to read your blog and drink liquids at the same time! ;)

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