A Belated Birthday Gift from Parkside Harmony

Thursday, August 12, 2010
This past Sunday, I went to check out the newest H&M store in Scottsdale with my friend Erica of Parkside Harmony. When I picked Erica up, she presented me with a belated birthday gift - a gorgeous handmade journal.


Erica picked out a stunning paper in gorgeous blues for the color and used an orange waxed linen thread for the binding. It's so beautiful, that I hardly want to write in it (but I will, of course).

Each of Erica's books are made with Stonehenge 100% Cotton paper- a heavy weight (90lb) paper suitable for a variety of media. All pages are hand cut, hand torn, hand folded, and hand sewn by her. The book is bound in 6 needle Coptic stitch. I have no clue what Coptic stitch is but it looks very cool!

Erica's books are so well made and beautiful, that she is featured in Etsy's Blog *today* in their Eat, Pray, Love inspired finds. You can see it here.

I absolutely love handmade gifts - especially when they come from dear friends. Thanks so much Erica and thanks for tagging along with me on our little shopping excursion.

Be sure to visit Parkside Harmony to see more of Erica's stunning work.


sara said...

Beautiful! And I hope I wished you a happy birthday...if not...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Parkside Harmony said...

Aw, you are so sweet Grace!! **super smiling** :D
Thank you!!

Sarah said...

that paper is magnificent!!! beautifully crafted!!! what a way to make your birthday last!!! :)

Lindsay said...

That's the most gorgeous journal and gift ever!!! What an amazing friend.

Robin Norgren said...

lovely, lovely!

ethan1066 said...
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Laura said...

Oh, swoon!! This is just gorgeous, Erica!! Such beautiful colors and textures!! :)

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