Can I share these cuties with you?

Friday, October 1, 2010
I received some photos of my boys from Lexi at Wild Fern Photography this week and have to share my favorites with you. I love these and think she did a great job of capturing Finley and Oliver's personalities.

The little cardigan that Finley is wearing is from The Tiny Hiney. So cute, right?? Lucky for you I have a Tiny Hiney giveaway going on right now - click here to enter.

Oliver wasn't quite as cooperative but we still got some adorable shots that capture his personality so well.

And the last shot of the day:


sara said...

LOVE! They are just too cute for words and the pictures are awesome!!

elise said...

they are TOO CUTE!
love the ones on the desk and the last one-what i call the "Quasimodo" look- Leland does that too:O)

lindsey said... have adorable boys. The pictures are so cute!

Mia said...

Grace, these are so CUTE!! Finley's cool prepster look is adorable!! I LOVE the shot of him sitting on the desk with his Vans hanging down. And Oliver's face on the last one, CLASSIC!!

Grace said...

Thanks girls! I think they're pretty darn cute myself. :)

Kellye said...

Those are so great Grace!!! Don't you just stand in awe at how different the boys are coming from the same parents? It's amazing! Your boys are too adorable and I love that cardigan! Very cute!

Lynnette said...

so adorable, I love these photos! kicking myself I didn't take advantage of the offer:(

Grace said...

Lynnette, the offer was so good!! She's going to be offering something similar again next month :)

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