My New Online Obsession: Terrain

Friday, October 15, 2010
I came across a short little blurb on Terrain while reading the Phoenix New Times last night. How on earth I missed this amazing site for so long is beyond me. Leave it to the folks behind Anthropologie to come up with another store that is equally amazing and just as dangerous to my pocketbook. 

Terrain carries handmade, vintage, and all kinds of cool things for the house and garden. These are just a few of the many things I'm swooning over.

How rad are these chalkboard garden markers? Definitely going on my wish list.

Or this adorable egg beater tea towel? (Screen printed by hand)

I am in love with this deer wall sconce but it's out of my budget right now. 

If you have some time to burn, hop on over to Terrain and let me know what you think. But I'm warning you, the store is amazing and will likely become your new obsession too.


elise said...

ack! this place looks like it could get me in trouble!
beautiful, wondrous trouble :O)

sara said...

Ah man. It's going to be bad that I know about this...

Grace said...

I know it, girls. Dangerous. Fortunately, those little garden markers are $14 - I think I could spring for those soon.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to express the "Homer Simpson Drooling" sound in writing...but however it is I am doing it!

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