In Honor of Stashtober

Monday, October 4, 2010
Or is it Stachetober?  Either way, this is the month that my very handsome husband turns into this:

Last year's stache.
This year's stache. This picture makes me cringe.
In honor of this, my husband's very favorite month, I have picked out a few of my favorite Etsy mustaches to share with you.

How cute is this little ring by isette? Love it.

If we're talking about mustaches, I have to include the *original* Secret 'Stache tee by the  Oh Fiddlesticks! gals. Finley has this little tee in blue and we are impatiently waiting for the weather to cool down so he can wear it. Adorable and clever.

And lastly, I think these personalized note cards by Emily Guy Studio are pretty rad. Thinking my husband would get a kick of these for his birthday.

How about you all? Any favorite 'staches to share? Anyone else's husband as stashtastic as mine this month?


Parkside Harmony said...

Tell Jason, he is no longer alone in his quest for the perfect stache... Billy started his today.

Grace said...

Nice! Jason will be so proud. Can't wait to see it.

I loved that little mustache ring so much that I just bought it. Couldn't resist.

Parkside Harmony said...

You'll have your own stache for Stache~tober! So CUTE!!

elise said...

i'm fairly certain our husband's would get along quite nicely.
every time Joel trims his beard or shaves (about once a month) we have a nice handlebar mustache or trucker mustache- you know, the one that goes all the way down to the jaw line?
so there are things to be thankful for;o)

Fakey said...

That t-shirt is fabulous!

My Hubby has done the scraggly beard thing but never just a mustache. The hair on his face, and especially his upper lip, grows in kind thin and patchy. Oh well.

The Golins said...

Oh, Jason! That second picture makes him look like a pedophile! Either that or a 70s movie star. Can't decide.

sara said...

I have to say that first pic is really hubba hubba!

The second is a little to catch a predadtor...

Grace said...

Totally to catch a predator!! I am happy to share that the 'stache is now gone :)

alabama mommy said...

You guys are a riot!!!

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