New chickens coming soon!

Thursday, July 28, 2011
You might remember that we had to cancel our order for new chicks last spring due to a poor hatch rate. We were planning to wait until next spring to order again but we changed our minds. 2 of our 3 chickens have started molting which means they won't be laying eggs for quite some time. Having only 1 chicken laying has us itching to get our hands on some more girls.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon researching and ultimately choosing our four newest flock members that will arrive in early September. I had been hoping to get some ornamental breeds but our need for more eggs and dependable layers won out.

I'm not really sure how Lucy, Effie, and Flo will feel about their news friends and honestly, I'm pretty nervous about the introductions. I've been doing a lot of research on introducing new flock members so hopefully things will go as smoothly as possible.

Free ranging chickens don't have a very strong pecking order in general and that is true of our sweet girls. However, I'm not sure what they'll think of their new friend, the Turken (otherwise known as the Naked Neck).

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Look at that chicken!! This is the only chicken I ordered that isn't a regular layer (they average about 2 eggs a week) but I couldn't resist. I don't know what color ours will be but I'm hoping for a white one like this. The other three chickens we ordered are an Australorp, a Buff Orpington, and a Silver Laced Wyandotte. All four of these breeds are readily available so I'm not worried about a poor hatch rate this time.

We've got a few weeks to get ready for the new little chicks (crossing fingers they are all females) and I'm lucky I have a little farmer who is eager to help me out. He's even suggested some names for them: Jabba the Hut, Cad Bain, Storm trooper, and General Grievous. (Umm...yeah, no.)


Anonymous said...

PT was in full agreement of those names!! surprise surprise...our boys would get along so great! ;)

sara said...

I can't wait to meet the new girls!

Mia said...

Grace, your pictures are GORGEOUS!! I'm in awe of how fast you learned how to use your fancy camera!! The hard work has paid off!! :-)

Love Kpop said...

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