Coop Envy

Monday, August 1, 2011
I have a major case of coop envy. Don't get me wrong. Our current coop is great. It's got plenty of space and is more than adequate to keep the girls happy. However, I've been doing a bit of chicken coop window shopping online and am absolutely blown away at some of the designs out there. If money were no object and I could have the coop of my dreams (I mean my chickens' dreams), I'd probably choose one of these...

I am completely in love with this roof top garden chicken coop by Kippen House. Not only is the design modern and fresh, the coop is completely functional and has several features that I wish we had incorporated into the coop we built.

Next up we have the Nogg chicken coop. Don't be fooled - it looks tiny but can house 2-4 chickens quite comfortably. I love the beautiful (and slightly humorous), clean design of this.

The Breed Retreat by Frederik Roije absolutely blows me away. Seriously? If my chickens lived in a coop like this, they'd have to make room for me because I'd be moving in.

And how cool is this coop designed by Mitchell Snyder and Shelley Martin? I adore everything about it. The modern design, cool colors, and roof top garden.

A chicken can dream, right?

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A Daughter of the King said...

Cute post. There is something addicting about raising chickens, making their homes and playgrounds and collecting their precious eggs.

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