Hanging up my Needle and Thread

Wednesday, August 3, 2011
I am hanging up my needle and thread and putting out the "closed" sign on my Finley and Oliver shop. It's been an amazing few years but it's time for me to move on. As my boys are getting older and business is growing, I'm finding that the struggle for balance is becoming too overwhelming.

This was a tough decision but I'm looking forward to creating for creativity's sake and spending more time around the house and garden (stay tuned for details on an upcoming bee hive and hopefully a pair of goats!). I will be more active here on the blog and am looking forward to sharing some fun tutorials and even some of my original designs (Mr. Cupcake, anyone?).

Print by Sarah Abbott

A HUGE and heartfelt thank you to all of my wonderful customers. Your support, encouragement, and loyalty has been extraordinary and I am honored to have your kiddos sporting my little tees.

 In the meantime, everything in the shop is marked way down and ready to ship. Once it's gone it's gone. (I also have a pretty big inventory of American Apparel blanks that I'm willing to sell below wholesale pricing. If anyone is interested in them, email me at finleyandoliver@gmail.com and I can send you a list of my inventory).


Allison Waken said...

Aww so sad :( I completely understand and admire you for doing it though AND I'm so happy that you'll be blogging more :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, Grace! Your stuff is totally inspiring and adorable, so I'm super excited for you to be able to branch out and create-for-fun! Can't wait to see what's next!

Modern Cupcake {Jill} said...

Bittersweet! Congratulations on your new chapter in life! Look forward to reading you blog. Sending heartfelt wishes your way!

Modern Cupcake

amanda b. said...

super sad! and i can totally understand where you're coming from. the balance is a challenge for me, too. i wish you good luck with whatever you do lady! you are just he best thing ever, and i will so miss buying hudson some f&o tees. xo.

Debbie said...

Good luck to you and I know what a challenging balancing act it can be!! A tough decision I'm sure you mulled over for a while. Looking forward to following your blog.

one stone events said...

ohhhh, i'm so sad! but so happy for you! i'll always cherish my stripey red wagon onesie for my son's 1st birthday. i'll save it forever. i was planning to get one every year :( good luck in your new endeavors! i look forward to your blogging! -elissa

Grace said...

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement, friends. I'm so glad you'll all stick with me over here on my blog. This is very bittersweet - I'm so sad to close this chapter but excited to slow down a bit and enjoy the things that matter to me.

Lynnette said...

ah, I will miss checking out all your cool designs! - and our chicken shirt is still worn all the time!
of course I understand. good for you for making such a tough choice!
glad you will still be blogging. love your blog :)
-all the best with your next chapter. sounds great!

Avianca wong said...

I sent you an email regarding the extra blank t shirts you have. I'm sorry to have missed this awesome shop as I just found you via eight baby legs. Thank you for your time. Aviancawong@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Grace, the things I've missed being MIA for a month! I am going to miss your beautiful creations...I always wanted to get everything! I completely understand your choice and look forward to your blog and hearing about all the fun stuff you come across and do! love you lady! :)
p.s. you'll have to share your ruffle pants with me for little Eni...I was waiting for her to get bigger :)

Grace said...

You're so sweet, Ninali. Love you right back!!

The ruffle pants are easy. When you're up for it, message me and I'll tell you how to make them.

Mia said...

Ok..I'm obviously so very far behind!! I heard from Traci yesterday and just had to see it for myself. Oh do I totally get it!! Finley and Oliver is Oh, So, Special..but those little boys are priceless!! Can't wait to see what you are doing with all of your "FREE" time!! haha!! xoxo

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