Wildflowers Photography Workshop for Parents

Monday, August 8, 2011
This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking a beginning photography workshop for parents by Joy of Wildflowers Photography. I somehow stumbled upon Joy's website a few months back and literally spent hours pouring over her blog posts. Her photos are absolutely unbelievable - they are so rich and full of stories and emotions.

Joy happens to live in the town that I grew up in so I left the boys at home with my husband and made the drive out to California.

{These are some of the photos I took at the workshop}

If you want to know how to get into manual mode on your camera and you happen to live in Southern California, you should jump at the chance to attend if she offers this workshop again. I've been shooting in manual mode since I got the camera but I learned so many things that I need to work on.

For part of the workshop, we went into Joy's backyard where she has a zillion little areas that I'm sure are a photographer's dream. There were about 20 of us crammed in and shooting in this little corner of her backyard but the set up was so fun. Joy and her husband were on hand the entire time to help us with exposure issues and answer questions.

As if the day weren't perfect enough, they had baby chicks on hand for us to photograph! Perfect practice for our new little girls coming in a few weeks. The darling little models were so fun to watch with the chicks and they handled them remarkably well.

Clearly, I have a lot of work to do but this workshop gave me fabulous tools to help me get started as well as loads of inspiration and an important reminder as to why I want to document the special, fleeting moments in Finley and Oliver's lives.

If you have a chance, be sure to check out Wildflowers Photography. Give yourself plenty of time... you'll thank me, I promise.


Cindy @ b.kate designs said...

Small world! I read your blog... I was at this workshop also! :) I saw these photos on my feed and was like hey!! Nice photos! I just got my computer back, so we will see how they turned out!

Grace said...

No way, Cindy!! What a small, small world! I had such a great time at the workshop - would love to take another one sometime soon.

Love your shop by the way!

Laura said...

Beautiful work, Gracie! I simply love your perspective and framing! So happy you had a great time--it looks like a blast! xoxo

Cindy @ b.kate designs said...

Thanks! It is a small world :) I had a lot of fun at the workshop also! I would love another one also!

Mares said...

So cute!! If you ever need some models in the area I have 20 month old twins that would be perfect for you to photograph!!


Grace said...

Thank you, Mares! I'll leave the photographing of other folks' children to the pros :) My friend Laura Winslow occasionally does casting calls for commercial shoots. You should check her out if you haven't already: www.laurawinslowphotography.com/blog

ninalismomtographers365project said...

Nice job Gracie!! Love all the photos! Great eye and wonderful composition :) Can't wait to see the new chickies when they arrive...and I wish I could take that class...so much I could learn!

Grace said...

Thank, Ninali!! Chickies arrive next week. Can't wait!

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