Annual Garden Party for the Chickens

Tuesday, January 24, 2012
It's that time of year again when our beautiful fall/winter garden has gone to seed and we need to start preparing for our spring/summer garden. We usually keep our garden covered with netting to keep the girls out but once a year, we take the net off and let them go to town.

We salvaged what we could of the veggies and gave the girls access to the rest. 

They'll have a few weeks to prepare our soil for us (by pooping and scratching) and then we'll start getting our transplants ready to plant. Because of our climate, we are able to plant our spring garden earlier than most regions.

The older hens were in the garden too but they are a bit camera shy these days.

The best part of the upcoming garden season is that we now have two of these beauties! My mom recently celebrated her 70th birthday and for her gift, my siblings all got together (along with the grand kids) and built my mom another raised bed - pretty much identical to this one. I'm considering myself very lucky that my mom lives with us and loves to spend her time outdoors with her garden. I did not inherit the green thumb that runs in our family so I am happy to reap mom's rewards.

Is anyone else making plans for their spring garden yet?


A Daughter of the King said...

I'll bet they feel like they are in heaven!

Grace said...

They are definitely in heaven! Every time I go outside, the girls are in the garden. I think I'll probably save a bunch on feed for the next couple of weeks. :)

Rosemary said...

Love this post! My chickens don't like lettuce {weird} but I wish they did because my arugula is bolting like crazy! Your beds are gorgeous!

Grace said...

Hi Rosemary! So fun that you have chickens now. It's the strangest thing, the girls don't care for it all that much when we give it to them but when they have access to the garden, they go to town. It must be the allure of the forbidden for them. ;)

Ninali said...

Lovely photos Grace and I am loving the girls in all their feathered glory!! Did you decide not to do the 52week photos? I have been busy with my MIL in town the past couple weeks but was looking for your photos ;) Hope all is well with you sweets!!

Grace said...

I'm doing it but just sort of doing it on my own and not posting them anywhere. Putting them out there amongst so many good photographers intimidated me. I have to get over that fear, I know. I hope you had a great visit with your MIL! xo

ninalisnap52 said...

Please Grace...I've been doing my pictures for who knows how long and you are already far and away taking better shots than me!! ;) I love your stuff, your eye, style, everything...I am sure they are nothing short of fabulous. If you ever get a hankerin' for sharin' I want to be first in line lady! ;)xoxo

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