DIY Puffy Hearts {+ a mustache}

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When I heard that my friend Laura of Laura Winslow Photography was doing Valentine's mini sessions, I asked her if she would like me to make her some props that she could use. I'm always looking for an excuse to create something so I was stoked when she gave me an enthusiastic *yes* and requested that I do something in felt. Like I'd use anything else - I have a major love affair with felt.

Image via Laura Winslow Photography

I know Laura's style and I knew where she'd be shooting so I whipped up some fun, festive, and bright puffy hearts on a stick. I know, I know - not another (fill in the blank) on a stick. But seriously, these are pretty cute and are really easy to make. Not only do they make great photo props, but they'd also make super cute (sugar free) Valentine's with a fun little note or printable tied around it. My boys think they make great swords.

Here's what you'll need:
Sewing Machine
Sheets of felt in the colors of your choice (One sheet of felt will make two puffy hearts)
Thin wooden dowels (available at your local hardware or craft stores)
Coordinating thread
Hot glue gun
Sewing Machine
Heart template- download here

Getting Started:

Cut out the heart template. 

Fold your sheet of felt in half and pin the heart template to your felt. Cut out the heart (you'll have two felt hearts).

Take the two sides of your heart and pin them together. (The two red pins at the bottom of the heart mark where I start and stop sewing with the machine).

Sew your hearts together but leave the bottom part of the heart open so that you have enough room to turn your heart.

Turn your heart inside out. You can use scissors, a chop stick, or a knitting needle to make sure it's completely pushed out in the corners.

Stuff your heart with fiberfill. You want it full but not so full that you won't be able to stitch it closed.

Take your dowel and place it in the center of the heart. Be sure it's pushed up far enough so you don't have a wobbly heart. Wobbly hearts aren't any fun.

Place a dab of hot glue inside of the heart on the dowel so that it won't slip out.

Take your embroidery floss (I use two strands for this) and thread your needle. Starting on one side of the dowel, do a simple whip stitch to close up one side of the heart. (If you're wondering what the heck a whip stitch is, click here.)

Then start on the other side of the dowel and stitch up the other side.

Voila! A puffy heart on a stick! As always, please don't hesitate to message me at if you get stuck on something.

For the little guys who may not be into hearts, here is a template you can use to make a puffy mustache on a stick. I know that mustaches are so 2010 and I should let the trend fade away, but Finley and Oliver think they are a blast to play with and I couldn't resist. Just follow the same directions as you would for the heart but cut out the mustache instead.


Lolly Jane said...

Bah! TOO stinkin cute!! XO

Grace said...

Why thank you, Lolly! :)

Dandy said...

The hearts in the shoot are perfect!

But seriously that mustache and his outfit and that hat and those eyes... are killing me.

Grace said...

Thanks, Dandy! I think he's pretty cute myself. :)

Kate said...

You are amazing!!!

Grace said...

Thank you, sweet Kate! I think you are pretty awesome yourself. xo

Laura said...

So.much.FUN!!!!! You are awesome, my friend! xoxo

Grace said...

Thanks, sweet Laura! xo

Morgan said...

Just found your blog through Pinterest, and I love it! I love hearts. What a cute idea!

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