22 weeks and counting...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Egg Watch 2012 has officially begun. 

Now that I'm a bit more seasoned in raising chickens, I didn't think I'd get so excited for the new girls to start laying. I'm not hanging around and giving them performance anxiety like I did with our original hens, but I'm still out there more than usual. Chickens typically start laying anywhere between four to six months and our older girls all started laying at 22 weeks. It could be several weeks still but I'm thinking my sweet Francie (yes, she is supposed to look like that - she is a naked neck) may start laying soon since she's been spending a lot of time around the nesting boxes. Anytime now chickies...we need more eggs.

2/7/11 Update: It looks like the chickens got the message because I found these in one of the nesting boxes today:

The light green egg on the right is Lucy's and the little brown egg on the left is from one of the new girls. I'm thinking it's from Minnie because her comb and waddles are super red today. I am a proud chicken mama!


Ninali said...

Yay!! Fresh eggs!!! YummY! I love eggs so much and nothing like fresh ones at that!

Grace said...

I don't even like eggs. Isn't that crazy? Fortunately, everyone else in the house eats them up :)

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