What He Wore: BOY style {kind of}

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Between soccer games all weekend, my little guys being sick, and getting ready for my upcoming trip, there was absolutely no style going on in this house - unless you consider jammies and polyester soccer uniforms stylish. So I've decided to put together a post of things that I would love to hang in Finley and Oliver's closet. Moms of boys, be prepared  - this is some seriously cute stuff.

Fox hoodie from Elise Hooper Designs
Out to Play sweatshirt from Tantrums 
Robin sweater from Christopher Fischer
Pepe the Pirate tee from b. children's wear

Skinny jeans from Zara
Green pants from H&M (only $9.95 and available in a ton of colors!)
Linen trousers with braces from Zara

Ray-Ban sunglasses from J. Crew (my boys would likely destroy these but they are so cute!)
Simple Slip Converse from Nordstrom
Teal Cord Tiny Toms from Toms
Kids' stripe band trilby hat from J. Crew

I told you. Super cute.


Allison Waken said...

Love the What he wore posts! Mine would destroy the Ray Bans in a second but I love them! We get sunglasses at Children's place they have some cute aviators right now. I need to get some more already.

We have those H&M pants in a couple colors too!

Grace said...

Thanks, Allison! I just popped over to tcp.com and the sunglasses are way more doable - especially at 2 for $6! I especially like the "classic" ones. Thanks for the tip!

jerseys said...

These are gorgesou! I love the skinny jeans!

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