London Bound

Monday, February 13, 2012

My best friend and I are leaving for a trip to London in three weeks.

Tea Towel by Maria Dahlgren

Leslie and I adore London and have always talked about taking a girls trip there together. It was during the Royal Wedding (maybe it was the hats?) this past year when we called each other up and decided to make it happen. 

Image via Racey Tay

I've been to London several times but haven't been back since we started our family five years ago. We've both seen the touristy stuff and want to get more of an insiders/off the beaten path view of London this time. 

Image via Stuck in Customs

We will only be there for five days (staying in Kensington) and aside from a mandatory visit to the Tate Modern and the theater, we don't have any set in stone plans. So I'm appealing to any of you who are lucky enough to be familiar with my favorite place ever...what are your must sees/dos in London? Fabulous restaurants? Pubs? Markets? Places to have a drink? Favorite place to shop or window shop? Parks? Galleries?

Image via Kezzi Rose

I would be forever grateful for any of your tips and will have a pint (or two) in your honor while there.


sara said... brother in law is from London. I'll see if I can get some insider scoop for you!

Grace said...

Ooooohhh, Sara! I'd love you (and your BIL) forever! Hope you and sweet Pie are well. :)

Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line said...

I am so jealous! London is my favorite place ever!
My favorite places are Blackfriar Pub (Queen Victoria St), shopping in Covent Gardens,the National Gallery and the London Transport Museum

Grace said...

Jenny, you rule! I just googled Blackfriar Pub and the first review I found says, "Unique, fabulous and completely over the top. The Black Friar is unlike any other pub in London." I'm sold!

I completely forgot about the London Transport Museum - I've ordered some Underground art prints from the LTM in the past and would love to visit. Thanks so much for your tips!

Amy Tromans said...

I love Tate Modern and I like eating at Wagamamas in Covent Garden.

Grace said...

Thanks, Amy! I could spend all day in the Tate Modern - it is so wonderful. Wagamama? I have heard someone mention it before...maybe it was you from way back in the day? I'll have to try it out. :)

Ninali said...

I was wondering if that was still on ;) I remember you mentioning it awhile back when you were talking about knitting cowls. How fun for you! I have nothing to share because I haven't been off the north american continent ever ha ha! Can't wait to see all the pictures you come up with lady ;)

Grace said...

Good grief, you have a good memory! I am so excited to take photos on this trip! Debating whether or not to bring along my tripod... I really don't want to lug that thing around with me though. Decisions, decisions.

Give Valentine's hugs to your beautiful family for me. xoxo

Sarah Carter said...

Oh Grace what an amazing trip that will be! Happy for you, hoping it is spilling over with adventure and happy memories. XO

Oh Fiddlesticks! said...

OH my! So and your bff enjoy each and every moment. I haven't been since I was in my early 20's and am totally out of touch. Can't wait to hear about your trip- you will blog about it, please? I want to live vicariously through YOU!

Grace said...

Thanks, Sarah and Melissa! I'm so excited I can hardly sleep. Looking forward to spending this time with my favorite friend in my favorite city. I will definitely share some highlights with you all here. xo

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