DIY Bunny Applique

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
I feel like I'm still recovering from the holidays yet Easter is just around the corner! I'm not sure I'll ever get caught up but I did manage to eek out this really cute and *super simple* bunny applique. I'm not a huge fan of pastels so I decided to keep with the spring trend and go for a hot pink bunny. Of course, you can do this in any color you like. (This would be cute for the little guys too!)

What you'll need:
  • Blank one piece, t-shirt, tank, etc. (pre-washed for shrinkage)
  • Sheet of felt or piece of fabric in the color(s) of your choice - if you're using felt, I strongly recommend eco-fi felt by Kunin. It's made from recycled bottles and holds up really well in the wash.
  • Heat n Bond or other fusible webbing (if you plan to machine sew the applique, be sure to use Heat n Bond Lite)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine *or* embroidery floss and needle
  • Bunny template

Getting Started:

Since I use Heat n Bond, my instructions will follow Heat n Bond's instructions. If you are using a different fusible web, simply change out my instructions with the instructions on the package.
Print out your template and place it under your fusible webbing. Trace the pattern with a pencil. 

Next you'll want to iron your bunny webbing onto your felt or fabric. For Heat n Bond, set it on the "wool" setting (NO STEAM). Iron the design onto the felt or fabric for about 3 or so seconds so it looks like this:

Carefully cut out your bunny.

Take your bunny and peel off the wax paper layer from the back. Place the bunny exactly where you want it on the t-shirt with the glossy/fusible webbing side face down. Iron the applique on to the t-shirt pressing for about 10 seconds. I like to place a scrap piece of fabric over the applique while pressing just to be safe. Again be sure to use the wool setting with no steam. Check to be sure that the applique is firmly adhered to the shirt.

Now that your bunny is attached to the t-shirt, you're ready to start the applique process. You can do this with a machine or by hand. To stitch by hand, cut about 3-4 feet of your embroidery thread. Your skein of thread will have six strands. Separate two of the strands from the piece you've cut and thread them through your needle.

For this piece, I used a straight stitch. It's a basic stitch and great for a beginner. You basically bring the needle up through the t-shirt and back down making straight little stitches about 2 cm in from the edge of your applique.

Once you've finished the stitching, you're finished.

This little number won't take you long at all. Maybe 30 minutes or so depending on how long the stitching takes. It's well worth the effort when it can make your kid *this* happy!


Melissa Conrey said...

Oh my goodness Grace! I think I may need to make these for the girls for Easter! It is adorable and so easy. Now that i am feeling better I have my craft itch back. I love the pictures also! It makes me anxious for our new addition.

Grace said...

This would look so cute on the girls, Melissa!! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and ready to get your craft back on!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

I have to tell you, I'm SO happy to find your new blog! I have lottttts of your onesies and shirts from before you closed shop, and they are still some of my very favorite things I put on my kiddos. Love LOVED your style and stuff!! So, I had this link saved from your shop and I'd click it every now and then thinking what on earth happened to her darling shop! I need more!! Lo and behold, after an eternity of NOTHIN' :).... This popped up!!! Sooo excited about your templates, I can't wait to attempt one! I might need a little more clarification on the embroidery thread bit. Separate 2 strands? Only use part of the thread?? I'm pumped!! ;)

Grace said...

@the rodgriguez crew, I think that was my favorite comment ever ;) You are incredibly kind! I'm so glad you found me - I'm not sure what took me so long to forward my domain here to my blog. Anyhow, these templates are super easy and once you figure out the embroidery thread bit (it looks like this:, you'll be set. Message me or comment any time you get stuck or have questions. Have a lovely weekend! Cheers!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Haha, I'm dingy! You meant just take 2 strands apart, and use only 2 to do your stitching!! Such a blonde sometimes! :) I can't wait to try this for Easter ... you're so awesome for providing templates!! I'll let ya know how my first one goes. Have a great week!! :)

Oh Fiddlesticks! said...

Yup, so super sweet {again!} I think Pais and Maggs might need momma to bust these out for Easter, too. Digging the hot pink. Might try one in a bright yellow or turquoise, too!

Anonymous said...

Sounds so easy even to this non-sewing mom.Think I may try this with an initial too. I imagine I can print a letter large enough in a font I like for a template. You cut it out on the fusible webbing backwards correct, so that when you flip it over to onto the fabric it's facing the right way or does it matter on fusible webbing, I've never used it?

Grace said...

@anonymous, that is correct. Anytime you want to applique numbers or letters, always print out in the reverse. Let me know if you have any other questions. Best of luck!

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