What He Wore: BOY style

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Poor Oliver is sick (for the 1021st time since school started last August). I took him to the doctor this morning and he looked so flipping cute in his new red pants that we took a little detour on the way home to snap some pictures for BOY style. The little guy wasn't feeling it so we cut it short pretty quick.

He got to pick out a sticker at the doctor's office and he thought the coolest place to display it was the bottom of his shoe. 

I love these little red pants that we picked up last week - we bought a green pair too. H&M has them in several different colors for just $10. I should have bought a size smaller because I like a slimmer fit for the boys but he'll grow into them.

Long sleeved tee: American Apparel
Blue tee: American Living (this was a gift not sure where it was purchased)
Pants: H&M
Flip Flops: Target

Want to show off your little man's BOY style on Finley and Oliver? Email me at finleyandoliver@gmail.com.


Laura said...

Ha! I love that sticker on the bottom of his shoe--how creative!! What a trooper! Did he all of a sudden get older looking now that he is FOUR?!?!

Grace said...

He got another sticker at the pharmacy and stuck it on his knee. Of course - where else would you put a sticker!? Love that guy. And yes, he looks freakishly older all of a sudden :(

Samantha Holcomb said...

So cute Grace! I thought Finley & Oliver was over, SOOOO glad it's not!

Grace said...

Thanks, Samantha! I couldn't disappear completely. ;)

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