The Goat Walk

Monday, March 19, 2012
We live in an agricultural neighborhood and have a few neighbors that raise goats. Each spring the cutest little goaties are born. We noticed a new pair of "kids" the other week and have been walking to see them each night.

They were a little camera shy at first (probably because the boys would go into fits of hysterics every time a goat peed, burped, etc.) so we spent our time feeding leaves to the older goats who seemed to be a bit more seasoned around crazy kids. They are so friendly and always run to the fence when they see us walking up.

They especially love the leaves from these orange trees that line their fence.

Now that we've been to see them several times (and I've convinced Finley and Oliver that you can't be all crazy around them), the little goats are getting more comfortable and venturing up to the fence to visit with us.

I can hardly stand the cuteness! Look at them!

The other day we went to visit them and noticed that there was a goat outside of the fence along the canal (we have flood irrigation so the homes in our neighborhood have canals that run along the back). We were worried that the goat escaped somehow but a neighbor came out to let us know that the owners put the goat out there occasionally to do some weeding along the canal. So rad. I wonder if I could borrow her?

We have toyed with the idea of getting goats for the past couple of years. We have the space and would love them for their weed control and milk production but have yet to work out the logistics... until then, we'll get our goat fix by visiting the little goaties down the road.


ninalisnap52 said...

Awe love these, so cute! How cool, chickens and goats... lucky lady! I think it's funny how Oliver has so much hair and it's long and Finley has his little buzz...I assume Finley likes it that way, because PT has very strong opinions about his hair ;)

Grace said...

Thanks, Neens! I actually keep Finley's hair short because it looks terrible any longer than it is. It's super coarse and doesn't really lay how I'd like it to.. Fortunately, he likes it short too because he thinks it makes him look like his older cousin (whom he idolizes). :)

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