What He Wore: BOY style

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This is kind of another cheater BOY style post but this has been a crazy week for us so I thought I'd put together another wishlist of clothes that I'd love to add to the boys closet. I am *really* feeling bright, happy colors paired with cool neutrals for the boys this spring.

Gingham Checked Shirt: Zara Kids
Anchor Fleece Top: J. Crew
Finding My Way Tee: Zara Kids

Gingham Shorts: H&M I have these shorts for Oliver and LOVE them. They come in a zillion colors (including plain) and are only $7.95. You're welcome.
Skinny Trousers: Zara Kids
Denim Bermudas: Zara Kids

Neon Checked Belt: Zara Kids
Neon Laces: J. Crew (LOVE these!)
Jack Purcell Converse: J. Crew


Laura said...

I LOVE What He Wore, and this one is amazing, as usual!! I adore that you said, "You're welcome."!! Hehehe!!!

Grace said...

You were the one who turned me on to those shorts in the first place - I think we inherited one of Jack's old pairs? Love them, love the price, love the green gingham. :)

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