DIY Linen Bunny

Monday, April 2, 2012

If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you've probably figured out that I have a very simple, modern, and clean aesthetic. I'm not really big on fussy or frilly design and that often translates into my holiday decor. Sometimes really simple things have a strong impact. Which brings me to my little linen bunnies. So easy. So cute. These make perfect table decor, Easter basket stuffers, sachets, hostess gifts, etc.

What you'll need:

**Linen (a fat quarter should make 2 bunnies)
Fiber fill
Sewing Machine
Scissors, needle, thread
Fabric pen or Sharpie
Dried lavender (optional)
Bunny pattern available here - I actually used my template from this tutorial of mine

**You don't have to use linen for this project. Feel free to use any cotton fabric you like. I think these would be fun in some super bright colors too.

Getting Started:

Cut out the bunny pattern and trace it on to your fabric with a fabric pen or sharpie (be sure your fabric is folded in half so you'll actually be cutting both sides of the bunny at once).

Cut it out.

Pin the pieces together. If you're using a patterned fabric, be sure to pin the right sides facing each other.

With a quarter inch seam, sew the pieces together. Remember to leave a couple of inches open at the bottom. Turn your bunny right side out. It drove me nuts getting those ears turned out but I eventually managed using the flat end of a knitting needle (you can use a knitting needle, scissors, chop stick, etc). Be sure that you don't push too hard so that you push right through the bunny.

Start stuffing your bunny with fiberfill. Again, the ears are a bit of a pain. Use small bits of fiber fill and push them up as far as you can (again, I used my knitting needle for the ears). My ears aren't as stuffed as I'd like but you really can't tell.

I decided to put dried lavender in my bunnies along with the stuffing since I've had a pound of it from the fabulous Clairmont Farms in Los Olivos, CA sitting around for a while. They smell so GOOD! I'm definitely putting some of these bunnies in my smelly boys' baskets.

When your bunny is all stuffed, use a simple whip stitch and stitch the bottom closed.

I had intended to draw little faces on them with a fabric pen but I decided I like them just how they are.

So easy. Right? If you get stuck on a step, comment here and I'll be happy to help.


Laura said...

I seriously LOVE going over to your house (anytime), but especially around the holidays. You always have the most perfect holiday decor and you have completely mastered making it look classy and chic, like it is an extension of your home and style. These bunnies just illustrate that further! Love them!!

Grace said...

Why thank you, Laura! What an awesome compliment - especially coming from you. xo

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